translapina amazing Romania motorcycle road

Meet Transfagarasan mountain road, ideal motorcycle route in Romania, one of the most spectacular roads out there. You will only understand why Jeremy Clarkson claimed it was the greatest driving road in the world when experiencing it yourself. Check out his driving frenzy on Transfagarasan here

Now imagine how this would feel with a motorcycle!

How much do you actually know about Transfagarasan?

This 90 km road starts from Bascov, near Pitesti and it is 122 km away from Bucharest. The road follows the Arges river valley and after mounting to the highest point, it descends to Cartisoara in the Olt river valley, where the road ends.

This amazing road reaches its highest altitude at 2.134 meters and until there, it has sharp hairpin turns, which can be a real challenge for every biker. The road has more tunnels and viaducts than any other road in Romania. On the highest point of Transfagarasan, near Balea Lake you can find the longest and highest tunnel in Romania. The tunnel has 900 meters long.

Be careful, Transfagarasan is closed between end of October, until June, because of the harsh weather conditions in winter. Sometimes, it is possible to find Transfagarasan open until late November. Don’t forget to check the weather conditions before planning your motorcycle trip.

Construction by Romanian military forces to Transfagarasan road started in 1970 and lasted until 1974. After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Nicolae Ceausescu built this road as a strategic military route to cross the mountains in case the Soviets attempted to expand their invasion across Romania. The builders used 6.000 tons of dynamite to clear a path for the road on the Northern side of the mountains. The Northern side is the most spectacular part of the Transfagarasan. Not less than 40 soldiers lost their lives during construction.

Don’t forget that Transfagarasan in not the only road that you can count on for delivering some pretty awe-inspiring views. Romania also prepared other roads “specially made for motorcycles” like: Transalpina, Transrarau, Transbucegi or Cheile Bicazului. We’ve seen them all and we cannot stop asking ourselves whether they were all built especially for bikers.

Transfagarasan road is an amazing and unforgettable riding experience for any biker, so be prepared to be stunned!

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