Motorcycle rental and tours

Romania is still an unknown destination for most travelers so, besides visiting the most famous places like Dracula Castle, Sighisoara Fortress, Transfagarasan mountain road, painted monasteries from Bucovina, there are a lot of unique experiences you can have here. Rent a motorcycle in Romania and enjoy!

By what other way can you get to know Romania, other than living like a Romanian yourself? So, rent a motorcycle from us and go visit a small traditional village, meet locals, and experience the authentic Romanian life. Romanians are famous for being very welcoming, they will immediately integrate you in their family and their day to day activities. You can visit sheepfolds, participate in farming activities and share with people the happiness of being close to the nature. Be careful to the bears in The Carpathian Mountains and the last remaining feral horses living at large on the European continent, galloping around Letea Forest in The Danube Delta.

Authentic Romanians like to cook a lot and share their traditional food together with a homemade wine with you. Among traditional foods you will be acquainted with the taste of sarmale, ciorba, papanasi, all served in a welcoming atmosphere.

Most of the organic food from Romania is still very cheap. You can find tasty organically-farmed fruits and vegetables in special markets in all cities.

The atmosphere changes on Sunday when all villagers get dressed in their best clothes and gather in the church. Sometimes they wear traditional clothes.

Most Romanians live in the middle of the nature and they are counting on what nature has to offer. Because of this, Romania is one of the few countries in Europe that managed to preserve wilderness. It has 40% of the wild bears population in the Europe and has an impressive number of other wild animals. Unfortunately other countries in Europe as Switzerland for example, lost some of the species as wild bears and wolves. If you want to see bears as close as possible to their wild habitat, visit the bear sanctuary from Brasov.

Take your tent on your motorcycle because you can camp almost anywhere, as long as you protect the nature. If you don’t like to camp alone, place your tent among other mountain lovers somewhere in an organized camping.

Don’t forget to include in your trip driving the motorcycle along best mountain roads you ever seen. Transfagarasan, Transalpina, Transbucegi and Transrarau because certainly these are spectacular mountain roads in Balkans area. Also spending a night in the city center of Bucharest can be a true getaway.

Choose a tour or simply rent a motorcycle in Romania from us and enjoy!