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Traditional Romanian food draws its roots from its neighbors, so you can taste the Turkish, Hungarian and Serbian cuisines influences. Over the years this mix of delicious dishes have become just as traditional as the oldest Romanian traditional cuisine.

Romanian Dishes

Certainly, Romanian traditional foods heavily feature meat. Sour soups (called ciorba), cabbage rolls with meat and rice (sarmale), sausages, and stews (tocanita) are popular main dishes. You can also sample traditional Romanian fish dishes, like the salty, grilled carp served with polenta and vegetables sauce. You may also encounter rice with vegetables or meat (pilaf) and moussaka, vegetables prepared in various ways (including stuffed peppers).

Holiday Dishes

As in other countries in Eastern Europe, the people of Romania celebrate holidays with special dishes. For example, during Christmas, a pig may be slaughtered. The fresh meat used to make dishes like bacon, sausage and others. Its organs may also be consumed.

During Easter, a cake made of sweetened cheese is eaten.


You will meet polenta in many Romanian dishes. As you will see, Romanians using polenta like a versatile side dish or as an ingredient of more elaborate dishes. This pudding made of corn meal has been eaten in the region of Romania for centuries. It dates to Roman times when soldiers cooked up this grain-based porridge as an easy way to sustain themselves.

Polenta can be baked, served with cream or cheese, fried, formed into balls, or made into cakes. Mamaliga, as it is known in Romania, is served in homes, as well as in restaurants.

Romanian Desserts

Taste papanasi, traditional Romanian dessert – is meaning donuts with sour cream and jam!

Romanian drinks

Tuica (a local brandy made from plums) and its stronger sister palinca (double distilled brandy from plums) are the most important local alcoholic drinks you will be served in Romania.

In most Romanian restaurants you can easily find main international dishes like fish, steaks, french fries and pizza.

Usually, the portions in most Romanian restaurants are generous, so be carefull with the quantities! As you know, riding the motorcycle on a full stomach is not such a good idea 🙂

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