Tour with a rented motorcycle in Romania

There are a lot of unknown facts that challenge you when motorbike riding in a foreign country. This is the reason for when we plan your Motorcycling Adventure Tours to visit Romania, we take into consideration all aspects, so you can enjoy the unique experience that Romania has to offer. Be sure, Romania is a country full of surprises and beautiful places.

We summarized here a couple of tips you should know when visiting Romania. How did we do this? We simply have based on the questions were asked when guests came to rent and ride our BMW motorcycles from Bucharest.

Here are a couple of things you might want to know when deciding to adventure yourself in a motorcycle tour. Of course, we are talking about a motorcycle tour in Romania:

  • Romania is one of the safest countries in the world according to Wikipedia Global Peace Index , so there’s no need to be extra paranoid about leaving a brand new BMW adventure motorcycle rented from Bucharest, in everyone’s sight. It’s enough to leave it in the private parking place at your hotel;
  • Due to the sheer amount of cars and impatient drivers, traffic in Romania can get tiresome. So, avoid riding in the middle of rush hours, especially when getting across big cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca;
  • People. Romanians are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. Inside the big cities, most of people speak a good English. In rural areas, the locals will show your path with a lot of goodwill and some smiles.
  • In case you have a medical emergencies, you can choose the private healthcare in Romania. The private network is easily accessible and medical staff are very well trained. However, this is especially true in big cities like Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca;
  • There is more uniqueness in Romania than you might guess it could be. Start by visiting the happiest cemetery on Earth called “The Merry Cemetery” in the northern part of the country or try to keep track of Romanian inventors that have played an important role as pioneers in aerodynamics and aviation. Also, you can ride across some of Europe’s virgin lands, the single place where wild bears, wolves and even horses still live by the law of nature (discover more here).
  • And if you’re here for the view, be prepared for stunning sights because diverse is most often the description used for Romania’s natural landscapes. Virgin forests, mountain trails or quiet beaches, they are here for you to enjoy.

By what other way can you get to know Romania, other than living like a Romanian yourself? So, go visit a small traditional village, meet locals, and experience the authentic Romanian life. Romanians are famous for being very welcoming, they will immediately integrate you in their family and their day to day activities.

One Trip. Two Wheels. Countless Experiences.